Best Vehicle Platform for Your Off-Road Build

best-off-road-vehicleFor those just starting on the build of your first off-road vehicle the task can be somewhat daunting. After all with so many different vehicle platforms to start with it may be hard to determine which is the best, most durable and will offer the best parts and availability of these parts on your custom build journey. Here are our top 4 best off-road vehicle platforms to start with should you need a little guidance of advice!

Best Off-Road Vehicle Platforms

  • Jeep Cherokee- This vehicle is huge when it comes to the off-roading world because of how affordable it is to get started with and because of the availability of aftermarket parts. Kits are also reasonably priced and offers ease for people with ALL skill levels to get started building their off-road vehicle.
  • Toyota Tacoma- This is platform is great for either trail or desert vehicles and will excel in both styles of build. It starts out with great 4 wheel drive and the ability to add on various configurations. The aftermarket parts world offers an abundance of lift kits, bumpers and other parts.
  • Chevy Silverado- This truck is probably the largest and most powerful of all off-road terrain vehicles and has been extremely popular since it was first introduced. It offers a very large aftermarket parts world almost as large as that of Jeeps and can be built for trail or desert. One thing to consider is it doesn’t easily maneuver in tight spaces when built for trails but it does offer exceptional speed when used for desert terrain.
  • Ford Ranger- Although only built from 1983-1997 Rangers are extremely easy to find and are great starter off-road vehicles like that of Jeep Cherokees. The aftermarket parts world offers a great selection of parts and although the truck is small it packs a lot of power. The truck was built with a twin traction beam and this is often more durable then the independent front suspension found on most trucks, although this does deter some when deciding which vehicle platform to get started with. The front end is easily modified and you will see this most in desert off-road terrain verses that of off-road trail terrain.

When it comes to building your off-road vehicle a lot depends on the preference of off-road-vehicle-platformthe driver. It is best to look into all of your options as well as availability of parts before deciding completely on how you want to start.  The fun of customizing your vehicle is that you are able to modify to exactly your standards So do some research have some fun and as always be safe! The off-road world is full of adventure and fun to be had, those that are just entering into it we promise you will be hooked as soon as you start!